Special Edition

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What it is about

My-Stand is something simple, something necessary. And something stylish.
It’s a two pieces ultra transparent, light yet stable Mobile Phone stand.
But not just that.


Tired of dropping our phone, not being able to show any videos when hanging with our friends, or listen to music when at work, we simply came up with the idea one shiny day at the office, where, brainstorming for a design competition, Christina, in an effort to show us a paradigm of synthesis, dropped her mobile phone and spilled coffee on it, resulting on a damaged device and an absolutely mad woman!
Then and there, we thought, what IF?  What if we had a stand that can be used as a tool to use our phones in multiple ways without the risk of dropping it or damaging it in any way!

What we are up to

The football world cup  2014 is approaching quickly, and as we have many many fans here in Greece we said, why not?
WHY NOT create a reminder of this memory to keep with, a commemorative plaque to carry in the football field! A colourful proof of support to your favourite team!


On the surface of its transparent, acrylic back, we have carefully designed an artwork of each of the 32 flags of the countries that participate in the World Cup sporting competition.
 The procedure is simple :
1.Select  the artwork that represents the team you are supporting
2.Receive it in your door,
3.Assemble the two acrylic pieces so easily to make your own Mobile Phone stand

De-assemble them, hang  the My-Stand “World Cup” edition to your neck from the special made hole on its upper part, go to the football field (your couch or even your local cafeteria) and cheer your team, stating your support!

You can also use it as a holder to your key-chain, holding your keys in an elegant way.
Only 100 pieces are collectable, made in an exclusive luxurious edition, where they will all  be numbered and be accompanied by a certificate.
BUY yours now! Be one of the first to keep forever the memory of World Cup 2014 in proof.

You can also find the My-STAND World Cup Edition, on fb and on Etsy”